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Statistical Analysis in R

R for Data Science (link)
Statistical Inference via Data Science: 
moderndive into R and the tidyverse (link)
Advanced R by Hadley Wickham (link)
Discovering Statistics Using R (link)
Introductory Statistics with R (link)
An Introduction to Statistical Learning: with Applications in R  (link)
R Cookbook: Proven Recipes for Data Analysis, Statistics, and Graphics (link)
Learning RStudio for R Statistical Computing (link)
An Adventure in Statistics (link)
Tutorials | Psych Networks - Eiko Fried (link)
SEM with lavaan - Bauer & Curran (link)
Machine Learning Packages in R blog - Chris Leonard (link)
Comparison of different data analysis packages (link)
Personality Project's list of the most useful R Commands (link)
RStudio IDE Easy Tricks You Might've Missed (link)
Title (link)
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