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R and Statistics Resources

For anyone interested in learning more about working with data in R and RStudio, or data analysis and statistics more generally, I've compiled resources and lists of resources I've found helpful. The VAST majority of these resources were created by others, to whom all of the credit should be given.

I've tried to organize the resources into coherent topics, each with its own subpage to make navigation easier, but many things overlap. I have not done comprehensive reviews of all materials posted here, and cannot promise that all links will remain active. Please let me know if you find broken links, or if you discover helpful resources that should be added to these lists.

Note: This resource is under development (added on 6/22/19) so please forgive the chaos. Over the summer, I will try to organize the links, add descriptions and proper attributions, add additional resources, and fill out the final two pages (which are currently blank).

Statistical Analysis in R
Visualizing Data in R
Working with Data: Best Practices

Coming Soon?

Coming Soon?

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