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Coming in September 2021 in cooperation with:


Personalized medicine in mental health aims to target treatment to the individual based on their personal characteristics.


The Treatment Selection Idea Lab (TSIL) will bring together people from around the world to discuss personalized medicine in mental health, with the goal of promoting collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas from diverse but related disciplines.

This year, the TSIL conference will be held online and is hosted by Zachary Cohen, University of California, Los Angeles, and Wolfgang Lutz and his team at the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the University of Trier, Germany.

If you have any questions about the TSIL or the conference, contact us at:

See you in September!

The TSIL 2021 Planning Committee

Zachary Cohen, Wolfgang Lutz, Anne-Katharina Deisenhofer, Brian Schwartz, Jana Schaffrath




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